Progenex Affiliation is more than an opportunity
to earn an extra income – it’s a community
of all who really care about fitness.

Being part of our affiliation adds value to your business in measures exceeding the numerical profit. We support our affiliates by showing up at events being held in small garages to the big scale events as the CrossFit Games.

Besides promoting and contributing to events, we offer our dedicated support to coaches and athletes in their everyday life. We do this because we truly care. Progenex affiliation is not purely based on business – our bonds are much stronger then that - it’s a relationship based on common belief.

As a member of the Progenex family, you can expect

Effective Premium Products

Effective Premium Products: All PROGENEX products are backed by science and contain only the finest ingredients. You won’t find higher quality, more effective recovery and performance enhancing products anywhere else.

Reliable Supplemental Income

PROGENEX products produce real results. Therefore, PROGENEX customers are reliable, loyal consumers. Introduce your clients to PROGENEX, and you can count on continuous sales.

Customer Euphoria

Both you and your clients will love PROGENEX. We are committed to making your PROGENEX experience first class. We don’t just want satisfied customers; we work hard to create loyal, raving fans!

Decreased Attrition

Stop losing clients due to soreness and/or pain. People who use PROGENEX feel better. Our products are specially formulated to speed recovery, reduce inflammation, decrease soreness, enhance performance, improve mood, boost energy, and reduce pain.